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Australia ETA Visa FAQ

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Questions that are frequently asked by Australia ETA Applicants

When one is applying for Australia ETA Visa for the first time, there are various questions you should ask yourself. What is an electronic travel authority visa? This is one of the frequent questions that tourists ask. An electronic travel authority (ETA) is a card issued to non-Australian travelers. It is electronically linked to one’s passport and grants you the authority to tour Australia as a business person or tourist.

Another question that RTA Visa applicants ask is what is needed when applying for the card. All that is required when making Australia ETA Visa application is a valid passport, a credit or debit card or a PayPal account and a valid email address.

People also need to know how to apply for the Australia ETA Visa online. ETA Online applications are only eligible to those outside Australia and are planning to travel to Australia on a business trip or touring activities. For those whose country passports are not available, you cannot apply for the ETA Visa online. You might be considered fit to use for other types of visitor visas. It is essential for the details supplied online to match those on the passport.

Most of the ETA Visa applicants also ask themselves how long they can stay in Australia. The Australia ETA visa is valid for a maximum of three months each time you visit. However, if you are planning to overstay your holiday, one can apply for a visa that allows you to extend your stay here.

Other users might not be successful in applying via the website, and they are faced with a challenge of what to do next. If you are faced with such a scenario, it is most likely that you are ineligible for an ETA visa. One is advised to apply for other types of visitor visors available.

There are those whose primary concern is age. There no rules to check the age of the ETA Visa applicant as long as the applicant has a valid passport from the respective country.

Some visitors also wonder whether they can include the kids on the same Australia online ETA Visa Application. For those passport holders whose kids are registered under them, they will still require an individual Australian ETA Visa. One ETA reference number can, however, make multiple ETA applications. Provided that the applicant meets the required criteria, the website will help you request all your family members.

The time to process the Australian ETA Visa is also a question many applicants ask themselves. It takes a matter of minutes to prepare and approve permits. The time of ETA Visa application and submission matters a lot, but the time to process carries a maximum of twenty-four hours.

Mistakes are always there to be made, and the ETA visa applicants ask themselves what happens when an error is made. It is essential that one is extra careful when filling the personal details. An opportunity to review the particulars entered is provided at the end of the process though. You should not submit the details until you have verified that it’s the correct details.

However, if you make a mistake and realize it later, one can make an amendment then at no cost before approve. If the details on the Australian ETA Visa do not match those on your passport, there is a high possibility of you delaying at the airport or even being deported upon touching down at Australia.

Some Australian ETA Visa Applications are not approved, and the client is left wondering what happened to the application form. For an application that is not finalized, one is advised to visit the nearest Australian visa office.

Also, those with a current ETA visa for traveling to Australia ask themselves whether there is a need to apply for an ETA Visa. For those with these kinds of permits, it will be impossible to apply for an ETA until the current visa expires.

For people with more than three names or have had previous names (aka), they ask why they are indicating if they had other names. Those who have alias names have to double check with the immigration department. By doing this, they eliminate any possible confusion.

Other Australia ETA Visa applicants may need to know why they are indicated to show criminal conviction data. If one has a criminal case or has been jailed for one year, you are not eligible for an electronic travel authority visa. You can, however, apply for other types of visitor's visa. If you happen to violate any set rules, your permit may be revoked thus not enter Australia.

Conditions that apply to ones Australia electronic travel authority (ETAS) visa is a concern to many. For anyone visiting Australia, the visit must be limited to business missions or tourism. The ETA visa will be eligible for many holidays within the stated issue from the issuance date. An ETA visa has a maximum stay of three months for each visit. One cannot work in Australia with an ETA visa, but you can take business activities.

If you wish to study here, make it a short course of not more than three months. It is essential to leave Australia before your visa expires. If you decide to overstay, you may not be awarded another visa in future.

For those who have dual citizenship between Australia and other countries, it is a concern to them whether they have to apply for an ETA whenever coming to Australia. All Australia citizens have a privilege and do not have to apply for a visa to enter Australia.

For those who always have delays in receiving emails, they are faced with a question of what happens when I do not receive a confirmation email. For you to receive emails, ensure your email is still valid, the storage capacity is enough and check the Spam folder whether you can locate it there. Some unrecognizable emails are stored in the Spam folder.

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