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Australia ETA Privacy Policy

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The Privacy Policy - Australia Visa Singapore

This is an organization tasked with issuing permits to foreign visitors wishing to travel to Australia by giving them an online platform to do this. They have several agents who aid in this process of obtaining the necessary documents required by the Australian government. The request for visiting is processed as soon as one fills a form that can be got from the Australia Visa Singapore website. In most scenarios, the Australia ETA Visa Application is processed within twenty-four hours, but it must be accepted first by the Australian government. There are minimal challenges that may affect the procession of the ETA within the said period such as incomplete or incorrect data and transmission problems. The final documents containing an authorization code are sent via email to the client for entry into Australian soil within twenty-four to forty-eight hours. In some cases, it might even take seven working days to process the ETA documents.

If a holders passport expires before the twelve months of the ETA Visa are over, the ETA is considered invalid. However, one can travel to Australia frequently as he wishes during the twelve months before expiration without having to request for a new one from the authority.

One is given time to verify the correctness of the data and make any changes if any before any payment can be done to receive the authority. Always make sure to make any essential changes to the errors made before processing the request. After finalizing the form filling process, one fills the credit card details for the government to deduct some cash from your account.

A refund to your account is always not possible if the Australian government revokes your application. One cannot cancel the request in the middle of processing; but if you do so, you will still have to part with a fee of about $20.00 SGD for each of the questions asked. The ETA Visa application submitted via email is considered final. The authority then continues with the process of acquiring the final document. The Australia Visa Singapore ETA website cannot be held responsible for any damages caused by the application if you wish to use their services. Their employees, shareholders, and representatives are also free from any confrontation. The company can take you to court for any improper or misuse of their website. International copyright and trademark cover the content provided on the site as a property of the Australia ETA Visa.

One can also get a travel authorization on his own without support from the ETA service. There is a support system offered by Australia ETA to get you travel authority in Australia land. The Australia Visa Singapore is a non-governmental and private organization. It provides a private and independent platform where visitors can apply for an Australian ETA Visa.

The information the company gives you is for the services requested is entirely sourced from various sites. Be guaranteed that the privacy of the information you provide will not be shared with anyone. No third party agents will get the information apart from the Australian government. The same state that will permit you to tour its land. The travel authorization ETA might not be easy to be obtained if one is unwilling to provide his details.

If you have any query about this privacy policy please contact Australia Visa Singapore customer care by email at